FKM O-Ring Cord 75 Shore

FKM O-Ring Cord 75 Shore


FKM 75 O-Ring Cord is one of Eastern Seals major stock lines.

We hold large stock of FKM 75 O-Ring Cord from 1.00 mm – 22.00 mm in standard shore hardness with larger diameters available on request. In addition, Eastern Seals have an expanding stock range of both Silicone and EPDM cords. Our vast availability of cord stocks ensures that we can provide same day despatch and next day delivery at competitive prices.

All our cord can be supplied in bulk on spools or cut to length as required. Spool lengths vary by size, so please ask when ordering. Butt joined rings are also available upon request.

NB: Price is per metre – discounts available per metre, subject to order quantity (see pricing groups below)

ES RefSize
Price per unit
1 - 910 - 2425 - 99100 - *
1.00MMV751.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 1.00mm BLACK
1.50MMV751.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 1.50mm BLACK
1.60MMV751.60MMV75 FKM75 Cord 1.60mm BLACK
1.78MMV751.78MMV75 FKM75 Cord 1.78mm BLACK
10.00MMV7510.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 10.00mm BLACK
11.00MMV7511.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 11.00mm BLACK
12.00MMV7512.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 12.00mm BLACK
12.70MMV7512.70MMV75 FKM75 Cord 12.70mm BLACK
13.00MMV7513.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 13.00mm BLACK
14.00MMV57514.00MMV575 FKM75 Cord 14.00mm BLACK
15.00MMV7515.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 15.00mm BLACK
16.00MMV7516.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 16.00mm BLACK
18.00MMV7518.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 18.00mm BLACK
2.00MMV752.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 2.00mm BLACK
2.40MMV752.40MMV75 FKM75 Cord 2.40mm BLACK
2.50MMV752.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 2.50mm BLACK
2.62MMV752.62MMV75 FKM75 Cord 2.62mm BLACK
20.00MMV7520.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 20.00mm BLACK
3.00MMV753.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 3.00mm BLACK
3.17MMV753.17MMV75 FKM75 Cord 3.17mm BLACK
3.53MMV753.53MMV75 FKM75 Cord 3.53mm BLACK
4.00MMV754.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 4.00mm BLACK
4.50MMV754.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 4.50mm BLACK
5.00MMV755.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 5.00mm BLACK
5.33MMV755.33MMV75 FKM75 Cord 5.33mm BLACK
5.50MMV5755.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 5.50mm BLACK
5.70MMV755.70MMV75 FKM75 Cord 5.70mm BLACK
6.00MMV5756.00MMV575 FKM75 Cord 6.00mm BLACK
6.35MMV5756.35MMV575 FKM75 Cord 6.35mm BLACK
6.50MMV756.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 6.50mm BLACK
7.00MMV5757.00MMV575 FKM75 Cord 7.00mm BLACK
7.50MMV757.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 7.50mm BLACK
8.00MMV758.00MMV75 FKM75 Cord 8.00mm BLACK
8.40MMV758.40MMV75 FKM75 Cord 8.40mm BLACK
8.50MMV758.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 8.50mm BLACK
9.00MMV5759.00MMV575 FKM75 Cord 9.00mm BLACK
9.50MMV759.50MMV75 FKM75 Cord 9.50mm BLACK
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