Construction seal solutions

Eastern Seals provide many parts to the Construction industry at all levels. From rubber gaskets and O-rings, to rubber washers, the company provides innovative solutions into regular and niche product areas including seals for items such as sprinkler systems, plumbing fittings or metering systems.

Choosing the right compound for each application is crucial. High-performance seals vastly improve equipment efficiency and longevity. Eastern Seals’ extensive knowledge and reference information enables their team to advise on the most suitable materials, no matter how unique an application is.

Should you need parts for plant maintenance and repair, Eastern Seals can help identify and source the parts quickly, to keep your machinery running smoothly. The company’s wide range of products (that include hydraulic seals and bonded seals), offer superior sealing, retaining, low friction running surfaces, alignment and protection.

Industrial construction is an area where bespoke products are often developed to fulfil a particular need, for example rubber extrusions for sealing around fitted items, bump-stops, fenders and end caps for protection or health and safety. Eastern Seals supply round, square and rectangular rubber extrusion sections through to complex shapes with internal bridge work. Using high quality materials and low set up costs ensures customers benefit from superior quality and high performance materials, with closely controlled costs and timelines.

From the company’s 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Ashington, Northumberland, Eastern Seals service the whole of the UK with next day deliveries for stock parts, and have the capability to supply products across the world, through recognised international carrier services.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sealing industry, Eastern Seals provide sealing solutions that last longer, require less maintenance and deliver the lowest cost of ownership. The company also provides full traceability – a highly desirable factor for any critical application.

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