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Trade Name(s):
ASTM D1418 Designation:CO, ECO
Standard Colour:Black

Available in homopolymer (CO), copolymer (ECO), and terpolymer (GECO) formats, Epichlorohydrins are oil resistant compounds.

Key Use(s):

Ideal for fuel and air conditioning system components. Used in the petroleum industry where a little higher temperature capability than NBR is required.

Temperature Range:
Standard Compound:-40°C (-40°F) to 135°C (275°F)
Hardness (Shore A):50 to 80

Epichlorohydrin features excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels; low solvent and gas permeability; excellent resistance to ozone and weathering; and stable cycling from low to high temperature. Good replacement to butyl when gas permeability and oil resistance are needed.


Compression set is only “fair” at elevated temperatures (250°F to 275°F). Epichlorohydrin is attacked by ketones; esters; aldehydes; chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons; and is not recommended for exposure to brake fluids.

Please note: This Material Data Sheet section is to be used as a professional guide only. Eastern Seals (UK) Ltd may source their products from a variety of Quality Approved Suppliers and the data shown should not be relied upon by any purchaser without verification of material source.

Temp Range
Data Sheet
ECO70BLACK-50°C to +121°C70Hydrin type, suitable for a wide range of applications. Mainly used for automotive hoses, air ducts and diaphragms.

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