Vulcanised O-Rings / Scarf Jointed

Vulcanised O-rings are used in many markets across diverse applications owing to their profile and material versatility.

<h1>Vulcanised O-Rings / Scarf Jointed</h1>

Vulcanised O-Rings and Scarf Jointed O-Rings

The process of scarf joining and vulcanising can produce O Rings of virtually any size without the need for tooling.

In addition to no tooling cost, the other advantages of scarf joined and vulcanised O-rings are that no flash is present on the ring.

The lead times are normally quicker than starting from scratch with a moulded O Ring and there are no upper limits on ID. Vulcanised O Rings are readily available in Cross Sections from 1.78mm – 25.4mm, with larger cross sections available on request. The only limits to size are with the smaller ID’s, please check our website for our size limitation chart as the diameter of the cord dictates the smallest possible ID.

Central to the quality of this product is the cord that is used to make the rings. The extrusion lines used to produce the cord used in our Scarf Joined and Vulcanised O-rings is laser controlled, meaning that cross sections up to 6.35mm are to DIN7715 E1, above this they are to E2 tolerances.

The process used to join the ring again is very important, tight quality control means that often the join is at least 90% as strong as the cord itself.

Materials available include:
 Viton®, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene®, HNBR, Aflas®, Viton® Extreme.
 FDA grades of EPDM, Silicone & Viton® as well as USP Class VI EPDM readily available.
 Low temperature FKM, high fluorine FKM or vacuum quality semiconductor FKM are also available.



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