Nitrile O-Rings NBR 70 British Metric 8.4mm Cross Section

Nitrile O-Rings NBR 70 British Metric 8.4mm Cross Section


Nitrile rubber (NBR) is the general term for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer; it has good resistance to hydrocarbons, petroleum, fuels, water (212°F), and ethylene glycol. Nitrile is poor in its resistance to ozone, weathering, and sunlight.

Additionally we can offer NBR compounds suitable for use with drinking water / food applications. These can be manufactured in hardnesses from 40 to 90 Shore. Contact us for details.

O-ring typeBritish Metric
Hardness (Shore A)70
Maximum Temperature (°C)120
Minimum Temperature (°C)-35



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ES RefSize
Price per unit
1 - 4950 - 99100 - 499500 - *
144.1X8.4N70144.1X8.4N70 NBR70 144.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
149.1X8.4N70149.1X8.4N70 NBR70 149.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
154.1X8.4N70154.1X8.4N70 NBR70 154.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
159.1X8.4N70159.1X8.4N70 NBR70 159.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
164.1X8.4N70164.1X8.4N70 NBR70 164.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
169.1X8.4N70169.1X8.4N70 NBR70 169.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
174.1X8.4N70174.1X8.4N70 NBR70 174.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
179.1X8.4N70179.1X8.4N70 NBR70 179.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
184.1X8.4N70184.1X8.4N70 NBR70 184.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
189.1X8.4N70189.1X8.4N70 NBR70 189.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
194.1X8.4N70194.1X8.4N70 NBR70 194.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
199.1X8.4N70199.1X8.4N70 NBR70 199.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
204.1X8.4N70204.1X8.4N70 NBR70 204.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
209.1X8.4N70209.1X8.4N70 NBR70 209.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
219.1X8.4N70219.1X8.4N70 NBR70 219.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
229.1X8.4N70229.1X8.4N70 NBR70 229.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
234.1X8.4N70234.1X8.4N70 NBR70 234.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
239.1X8.4N70239.1X8.4N70 NBR70 239.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
249.1X8.4N70249.1X8.4N70 NBR70 249.1 x 8.4mm BLACK
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