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The right choice for Automotive seals

High engine temperatures, extended warranties and the drive to reduce emissions all demand high-quality rubber sealing products. With excellent resistance to high temperatures and tolerance of stressful conditions, rubber is the perfect material for sealing and protecting in the automotive environment. A wide variety of sealing solutions are used throughout today’s vehicles. These include O-Rings …

NE Automotive Expo 2017

Geared up for this month’s NEAA Expo

Eastern Seals set to grow North East automotive connections at the North East Automotive Expo this month Global sealing distributor Eastern Seals UK Ltd is showcasing the group’s wide range of products by taking part in the North East Automotive Alliance’s (NEAA) annual exhibition. This will be the first time the group has had a …

automotive sealing solutions

Innovative automotive sealing

In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer and more reliable ways to do just about everything, our selection of automotive sealing solutions covers a wide variety of transport applications… The automotive industry is globally driven by environmental and safety standards, and requires increased life cycles due to extended warranty and lower costs …

seals for automotive transmission fluid

O-Rings and Seals for Automotive Transmission Fluid

As improvements in the Automotive Industry are constantly being introduced, engines and transmissions are being changed to offer increased fuel economy. As a result of new Ultra Low Viscosity (ULV) transmission fluids, CVT fluids have been developed for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The choice of sealing materials for transmissions can vary depending on a range …

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