Top Marks for Eastern Seals O-ring Cord

Why top marks ?

With extruded o-ring cord having a wider tolerance than moulded items and having many sizes close to each other such as 5.34mm, 5.5mm, 5.7mm, 6.0mm etc, it can often be difficult to establish exactly which size you have in stock.  Also because most cords are black, what do you have ? Nitrile ? Viton ?  Neoprene ?

Eastern Seals have a simple solution that most of our competitors can not offer.  Recent investment into a specifically designed ink jet machine allows us to mark the cord with Size and Compound.  This has proved to be very popular with many of our customers as they can quickly and confidently identify the sizes they have in stock.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because the markings are generated on a standard keyboard other types of markings are possible.  We have marked some cords with the customers own name so that they can brand their products.  We have also marked with the customers own part number so that their production can be sure they have the right material.

To take advantage of this service simply ask your sales contact or e-mail or fax your requirement to us.

Marking is possible on 3mm sections and above.