FFKM O-Rings (KALREZ ® equivalent)

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FFKM O-rings are also known as Perfluoroelastomer seals. They offer excellent resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures

FFKM O-rings are exceptionally resistant to degradation by aggressive fluids and gases. FFKM also has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (-10°C to +260°C). Some special FFKM compounds can operate beyond 300°C.

FFKM O-rings offer resistance to almost all chemicals. These include inorganic acids, alkalines, ketones, esters, alcohols, fuels and hot water. They can also be used for applications in aggressive chemical environments.

Our Standard FFKM O-rings provide outstanding heat resistance with service temperatures of -10°C to 310°C.

Eastern Seals offer direct FFKM equivalents to Kalrez® Simrez® Perlast® Chemraz® grades. Please contact us to order FFKM O-Rings, or to find out more information.

Our wide range of FFKM compounds is listed below. You can also download our FFKM Seals Information Sheet:

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