Fluorosilicone O-rings

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Fluorosilicone O-rings (FVMQ)

Fluorosilicone O rings are widely used elastomer seals that can meet a wide range of applications. The mechanical and physical properties are very similar to silicone rubber.

Fluorosilicone o rings offer improved fuels and mineral oil resistance but poor hot air resistance when compared with silicone. fluorosilicone o rings are commonly referred to as FVMQ orings. Fluorosilicone seals are widely used in semiconductor Ashing equipment for their resistance to oxygen plasma.

Fluorosilicone Features:

Fluorosilicone is often used in the Aerospace industry. This material is ideal for applications that require fuel or diester-based lubricant resistance up to 400°F. Fluorosilicone O-Rings are generally specified for aerospace use. However, due to their excellent fuel resistance and high temperature stability, Fluorosilicone is becoming increasingly popular for a wider range of sealing applications.

Fluorosilicone compounds offer good compression set and resilience properties. They are suitable for exposure to air, sunlight, Ozone, Chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Eastern Seals offers a complete selection of both the standard AS568 o-ring and metric o-ring sizes. Our standard compound offers temperature ranges of -60°C (-75°F) to 204°C (400°F).

Typical Applications

Fluorosilicone seals are often used in aerospace applications for fuel systems and systems requiring resistance to diester base lubricants to 175°C. Due to their poor physical characteristics they are normally only recommended for static applications.

Fluorosilicone is compatible with the following:

Dilute acids, alcohols, dilute alkalies, animal & vegetable oils, diester oils, some esters, fuel, halogenated solvents, LP Gases & Fuel oils, mineral oils, refrigerant ammonia, silicone oil, solvent resistance, ozone, flame resistant, radiation, sunlight, water and weather resistant.

Fluorosilicone is not recommended for the following:

Abrasion resistance, tear resistance, aldehydes, amines, brake fluids, some esters, ketones, solvents. Not suitable for Dynamic applications and Phosphate esters.


Brake fluids, ketones, hydrazine, adelhydes, amines, ketones

Poor abrasion resistance

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