Nitrile 70 British Standard O-Rings (NBR 70 BS o-rings)

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Nitrile 70 bs o-rings o-rings are widely used in the seal industry. Nitrile 70 bs o-rings offer excellent resistance to petroleum products. They can also be compounded for service over a temperature range of -40°C to 135°C. Special Nitrile compounds offer temperature ranges of -55°C to 135°C (Dry Heat Only).

Nitrile 70 bs o-rings provide excellent compression set, tear, and abrasion resistance.

The major limiting properties of nitrile are its poor ozone and weather resistance and moderate heat resistance. However, in many applications these are not limiting factors. Nitrile o-rings are commonly referred to as a Buna o-ring, or NBR o-rings. We offer a selection of both the standard AS568 o-ring and the metric o-ring in our online store. We can supply many other different sizes. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Carboxylated Nitrile can have superior abrasion resistance, while still having improved oil resistance.

To find out more technical information on Nitrile o-rings materials, please see our Nitrile Material Data Sheets page.

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