Viton® 75 British Standard

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Viton® BS O-rings – Viton® 75
Viton® BS O-rings have excellent resistance to high temperatures and a broad range of chemicals. Fluorocarbon (FKM) has an outstanding permeability and compression set.

Viton® material is the closest available approach to a universal elastomer for sealing in the use of o-rings and other custom seals over other types of elastomers. The Fluorocarbon o-ring is commonly referred to as Fluorel, FKM, FPM o-rings. Viton® can be divided into different classes on the basis of either their chemical composition, their fluorine content or their crosslinking mechanism. The latest Viton® polymers have a much broader fluids resistance profile than standard fluoroelastomers, and are able to withstand strong bases and ketones as well as aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, acids, and steam

Due to its excellent aging characteristics, fluorocarbon (Viton®) rubber is the most significant elastomer developed recently. Fluorocarbon elastomers are highly fluorinated carbon-based polymers used in applications to resist harsh chemical and ozone attack.

Viton® BS O-rings should be considered for use in aircraft, automotive and other mechanical devices requiring maximum resistance to elevated temperatures and to many fluids. Viton® (FPM, FKM, Fluorel®) resist mineral oils and greases, aliphatic, aromatic and also special chlorinated hydrocarbons, petrol, diesel fuels, silicone oils and greases. It is suitable for high vacuum applications.

Viton® BS O-rings are suitable for high vacuum applications. Many fluorocarbon compounds have a higher than normal mold shrinkage rate. It is worth noting that molds for fluorocarbon products are often different from molds for Nitrile.

We can also supply Viton® 75 O Rings NORSOK M-710 approved compounds. Please contact us for details.

We supply many industries with standard and special Viton® 75 O Rings. Many are available online at great prices. Contact Us Today For details.

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