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February 4, 2016 – by Eastern Seals

After successful negotiations with one of our well-established suppliers, Eastern Seals are about to roll out a substantial price reduction on all FKM O-rings. These prices come into effect for all new purchase orders placed on or after April 2016. For more information on Eastern Seals’ wide range of FKM material, download our material technical data sheets from our website.

Eastern Seals’ range of FKM O-rings offer excellent resistance to a multitude of chemicals used across many industries. The company also offers FKM materials to meet a wide range of military and aerospace specifications.

Some grades of FKM are routinely used in commercial and military aircraft turbine engines, auxiliary power units and hydraulic actuators. Some have approvals under FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and EU Regulation 1935/2004, along with its classification in Class I of the 3-A® Sanitary Standards making them suitable to the food industry. Other compounds have a USP Class VI approval and are therefore suited to pharmaceutical applications, or used in the production of moulded parts.

FKM rubber provides improved heat and chemical resistance. High fluorine grades offer higher resistance to swell in high octane and oxygenated fuel blends. This gives superior performance in Ethanol/Methanol blended gasoline. FKM elastomers can be divided into different types based on chemical composition, fluorine content or crosslinking mechanism. They include:

Standard compounds are usually Type A. These compounds are commonly available in 75 and 90 Shore Hardness: – FKM75 and FKM90. FKM compounds are normally stocked in Black although other colours can be manufactured, i.e. Brown or Green.
Other types are:
Type B – Generally used in Chemical Process plants, Power Utility Seals & Gaskets

Type F – Used for Oxygenated Automotive fuels. Concentrated aqueous inorganic acids, water and steam.

Type ETP (also known as Viton Extreme) – Offers excellent Chemical resistance and greater performance compared to standard compounds. Used for Automotive & Off-Road – High pH lubricants, greases, & Coolants. Oil Exploration/ Production – Drilling Mud, Sour Wells. Special sealing requirements – solvents, coatings

Additionally, special versions of these types are available to provide improved low temperature flexibility. These are called LT types, for example, GLT, and GFLT. They perform like the A, and F families, however, GLT and GFLT provide improved low temperature performance with a TR (10) of -40°F and low temperature brittleness to -76°F.

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