O-Rings and gaskets are used for static sealing in various parts of aero engines, including the gearbox, air, oil and fuel systems.

Aerospace sealing solutions

The equipment that moves today’s Aerospace industry is more advanced than ever before. Sealing solutions and materials must keep up with demanding environments, aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and a range of pressures.

O-Rings and gaskets are used for static sealing in various parts of aero engines, including the gearbox, air, oil and fuel systems.

Example sealing applications include:
Landing Gear Assembly Sealing – Hydraulics, Wheel & Brake, Actuator.
Flight Control Sealing – Hydraulics, Fuel pump, controls, lines, connectors, Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Seals.
Engine Sealing – Hydraulics, Fuel lines, connectors, Lubrication, Fuel System Seals

Selecting the correct elastomeric material for O-Ring sealing is key for successful performance.

Fluorocarbon (Viton® / FKM) is commonly used in these applications, as are other derivatives of Viton® / FKM such as Type GF. Recent developments in fluorocarbon offerings have minimised low temperature concerns. However, with the development of new aero engines where extreme temperatures are encountered, sealing technology has needed to advance to resist these temperatures. In this respect, Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) have been developed to suit these applications.

General Consideration

Polymer to consider / used in applications

Fuel resistance “Flex-fuels” (M.T.B.E., MeOH, EtOH, etc.) Chemical resistance Permeation resistance Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM)
Fluorocarbons (FKM)
Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)
Saturated Nitriles (HNBR)
Nitriles (NBR)

These documents (Standards) describe various sizes and materials which are used mainly in the Aerospace, Defence and Military Industries. These Standards usually have a suffix such as MIL, MIL-R, AS, AMS. Eastern Seals supply to many of these specifications. Our latest compound listing chart can be viewed here.

Eastern Seals are a UK and European distributor for Precix Inc, USA who are a major manufacturer of high quality products used in Aerospace, Defence and Military applications. Precix are one of the most trusted name in fuel seals, and are certified to AS9100 and AS7115 with ISO/IEC ISO17025:99 Material Laboratory.

Many MIL / AS Standards require special packaging for parts. For example several have a requirement for individual packing and printed bags. Our facility utilises a special purpose bagging machine giving us the capability to supply to these standards if required.

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