Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)

Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)

Trade Name(s):
ZetpolZeon Co., Ltd.
ASTM D1418 Designation:HNBR
Standard Colour:Black

Please note: All HNBR material supplied by Eastern Seals is peroxide cured.


Hydrogenated Nitrile is the product of the hydrogenation of Nitrile, resulting in varying degrees of saturation of the polymeric chain, along with a range of enhanced physical strength and chemical resistance properties.

Hydrogenated Nitrile is also known as saturated Nitrile, is obtained by introducing Hydrogen into the Nitrile to saturate the hydrocarbon chains in the rubber. It has better wear and extrusion resistance than NBR and has good chemical compatibility.

Key Use(s):

ALL oil resistant applications, including exposure to such oil additives as detergents, anti-oxidants and anti-wear agents. Exposure to oil soured with metal sludge. Seals for oil well applications. Seals for automotive fuel handling systems. Seals for general industrial usage.

Temperature Range:
Standard Compound:-40°C (-40°F) to +150°C (302°F) – Dry Heat Only
Hardness (Shore A):50 to 90

Hydrogenated Nitrile is widely used in automotive and oil industries and maintains excellent resistance to motor oils, sour gas, amine/oil mixtures, oxidized fuels, and lubricating oils. HNBR is resistant to mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, animal and vegetable fats, diesel fuel, ozone, sour gas, dilute acids and bases. It also resists new bio-oils (biological oils). It is suitable for high dynamic loads and has a good abrasion resistance.


Like Nitrile, Hydrogenated Nitrile is not recommended for exposure to ethers, esters, ketones, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Please note: All HNBR material supplied by Eastern Seals is peroxide cured.

This Material Data Sheet section is to be used as a professional guide only. Eastern Seals (UK) Ltd may source their products from a variety of Quality Approved Suppliers and the data shown should not be relied upon by any purchaser without verification of material source.

Temp Range
Data Sheet
HNBR70BLACK-40°C to +150°C70Standard type.
HNBR70 GRGREEN-40°C to +150°C70Standard type.
HNBR70 LTBLACK-50 to +130°C70Low Temperature type.
HNBR70 FDABLACK-40°C to +150°C70Food quality. Complies With FDA Regulation 21 CFR177.2600
HNBR80BLACK-40°C to +150°C80Standard type.
HNBR80 GRGREEN-40°C to +150°C80Standard type.
HNBR90BLACK-40°C to +150°C90Standard type.
HNBR90 PCBLACK-40°C to +150°C90Peroxide cured compound.
HNBR90 GR PCGREEN-40°C to +150°C90Peroxide cured compound.
HNBR90 LTBLACK-40 to +150°C90Low Temperature type. 90 shore.
HNBR90 AEDBLACK-30°C to +150°C90NORSOK M-710 Approved / Rapid Gas Decompression.
HNBR90 LT AEDBLACK-55°C to +160°C90NORSOK M-710 Edition 3 & -ISO 23936-2

(Rapid gas decomperession resistance)

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