Trade Name(s):
HyTemp ACMZeon
Acralen ABayer Polymer
ASTM D1418 Designation:ACM
Standard Colour:Black

Polyacrylates are copolymers (ethyl acrylates) possessing outstanding resistance to petroleum fuels and oils.

Key Use(s):

Sealing automatic transmissions & power steering systems. Sealing petroleum oils up to 300°F.

Temperature Range:
Standard Compound:-32°C (-25°F) to 149°C (300°F)
Hardness (Shore A):40 to 90

With excellent resistance to hot oil, automatic transmission and Type A power steering fluids, the greatest use for Polyacrylate is found in automobile manufacture where O-rings of this material are employed to seal components of automatic transmission and power steering systems. Highly resistant to sunlight and ozone degradation, Polyacrylate also features an enhanced ability to resist flex cracking.


While resistance to hot air aging is superior to Nitrile, Polyacrylate strength, compression set, water resistance properties and low temperature capabilities are inferior to many other polymers. Polyacrylates are also not generally recommended for exposure to alcohol, glycols, alkalis, brake fluids, or to chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Please note: This Material Data Sheet section is to be used as a professional guide only. Eastern Seals (UK) Ltd may source their products from a variety of Quality Approved Suppliers and the data shown should not be relied upon by any purchaser without verification of material source.

Temp Range
Data Sheet
PA60BLACK-32°C to 149°C60Polyacrylate 60 shore. Outstanding resistance to petroleum fuels and oils.
PA70BLACK-32°C to 149°C70Polyacrylate 60 shore. Outstanding resistance to petroleum fuels and oils.

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