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May 13, 2016 – by Eastern Seals

PTFE coated parts offer several advantages over uncoated parts

Dry film lubricants typically use PTFE, making it the best-known nonstick coating available today. A high-performance application with superior abrasion and nonstick properties, it has a high operating temperature (500° F). Eastern Seals’ PTFE coated parts range decreases friction, facilitates assembly and help with identification. We offer PTFE coated O-rings, wipers, rod seals, piston seals and custom moulded parts.

Dry or Powder coatings as they are sometimes referred to, are primarily used to treat parts that are used in automatic assembly equipment. They include talc, powdered PTFE, mica, graphite and molybdenum disulfide.

Wet coatings, like Dry coatings, are commonly used to increase the efficiency of automatic assembly equipment. They include silicone emulsions and soap and water mixtures. Although wet coatings generally offer better lubrication over dry coatings, they can be messy to handle.

Thin film coatings are essentially sprayed and baked for O-Rings and rubber parts. They’re typically semi-permanent as they wear with abrasion over time.


Dry (powder) coatings are often used to inexpensively treat automatic assembly equipment parts. These coatings reduce the tendency of parts to stick together, forming clumps or masses. To counteract this, We offer dry powder coatings such as talc, powdered PTFE, mica, graphite and molybdenum disulfide. Each is similar in function, but can offer different performances depending upon application specifics, such as fluid compatibility or temperature.

Over time these coatings may leave residue on assembly equipment, and downtime would be needed for cleaning, especially with sensitive automatic assembly equipment that utilizes photoelectric sensors.


Similar to dry coatings, wet coatings offer an inexpensive way to increase part installation efficiency of automatic assembly equipment. Although wet coatings can be applied to all sizes, they are better suited for larger, hand installed parts with more surface contact areas.

Our main wet film coatings are:
Silicone emulsions (mixture of silicone and water)
Soap and soap / water mixtures
Vegetable oils / any other customer-specific coating requests

Although wet film coatings tend to offer better lubrication over dry coatings, they can be messy.


PTFE resin coatings are different to PTFE powder coatings. PTFE resin coatings are aqueous colloids (acrylic resin binders mixed with PTFE powders and colourants. Heat dries the water, leaving behind a PTFE resin film on the part’s surface. This type of coating is semi-permanent, and reduces friction – the coating will not rub off with contact, but it can be removed over time.

PTFE resin coatings are mostly used for automatic assembly, as the offer the best combination of cleanliness, lubrication and cost. High value materials can also be different colours for easy identification.

There are arange of different types of PTFE resin coatings. Their chemical resistance can be improved by changing their solvent system and resin. E.g. PTFE may flake off in fuel, however Eastern Seals can offer grades with increased fuel vapour resistance.


HiSlip is a unique coating process that can be applied only at the time the part is manufactured. This coating offers friction reducing properties similar to PTFE resin coatings, but instead incorporates a silicone resin. HiSlip Coating tends to have better adhesion properties, and since it is applied in the manufacturing process, it can be slightly more cost effective.


Dry coatings reduce the parts’ tendency to stick together, which can form a clump or mass
Wet coatings offer superior lubricity over dry coatings
Dry film coatings provide the best lubricity and cleanliness
Thin film PTFE coatings are colourable for easy part identification

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