Gland Packing

gland packing

Gland Packing designed to minimise maintenance costs

Gland packing costs are low in comparison to downtime costs that plants may incur from factors such as machinery wear and gland maintenance. It is essential to select the highest quality fibre packing that will last.

Our gland packings are square braided on the most advanced machines available. Twenty-four and thirty-six track braiders produce four-ply, square inter-braid packings on all sizes. Packing sizes start from 3/8” (10mm) upwards. Fibres are run from the core of the packing section to the corner posts and surfaces. The cross-locked, square lattice construction produces maximum resilience and a highly dense square packing.

The quality of a packing’s braiding has a huge impact on it’s service life. Packings produced using smaller or outdated braiding machines lack the strength of true Cross-Lock construction. They are less dense and are not as square in cross-section. The looser the braid of the packing the lower its durability will be.

Greater gland pressure is required to create a seal. This results in increased mechanical stress. As the packing deteriorates, frequent gland adjustments are required. This in turn causes more mechanical stress on the packing leading to accelerated failure.

Eastern Seals (UK) Ltd packings show a high degree of resilience and volume consistency. Their superior lattice, square inter-braided construction needs less gland pressure to seal. This results in reduced equipment wear, reduced gland maintenance and increased packing life.

Flexible Packing Extractors

We also supply Flexible Packing Extractors. They ease the removal of old packing no matter what size. Their long, flexible shank makes access easy, even to glands in the most awkward positions. The hardened and tempered steel screw end is designed to give maximum penetration into the packing.

Gland packing information

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