O-Rings in Motorcycles

July 27, 2022 – by Eastern Seals

When it comes to a motorcycle, proactive maintenance is key. As your motorcycle will undergo heavy usage over the years, it’s important to ensure the automobile is working efficiently. Lack of periodic checkups will not only affect performance but can even pave the way for accidents.

Of all the components in your motorcycle, the engine is the most sensitive. It’s the heart of your motorcycle, so any engine malfunction can be a huge inconvenience. If you find the need to replace seals in your motorcycle’s engine, it helps to know all you can about O-rings.

What are O-Rings?

O-rings are doughnut-shaped, elastic devices that are used as sealing agents. This tiny ring can handle extreme temperatures and pressure, making them ideal for a range of industrial applications.

In motorcycles, an O-ring is placed between the components’ grooves to ensure gases/liquids don’t end up in unwanted areas. O-rings help create airtight seal between the engine’s combustion chamber and valves, thereby preventing leaks that could cause irreversible damage to your vehicle.

Why Do O-Rings Fail?

Human error is the number one cause of an O-ring failure. When replacing seals and gaskets, knowing the different problems you may come across and how they can be resolved will help you greatly.

  • Abrasion – O-rings that are used for dynamic applications will be damaged owing to abrasion. Friction between different components may scratch the O-ring, which can eventually result in a leak. This issue can be resolved by lubricating the O-ring’s surface as well as the grooves between the inner mechanisms.
  • Installation Damage – O-ring failures can be a result of careless installation. If you are repairing your vehicle yourself, make sure the seals are placed correctly, are lubricated and have the right size.
  • Chemical Attack – The materials used in an O-ring may react vociferously to the chemicals it is restricting. Be sure to use an O-ring that’s compatible with the fluids it will be handling. This can ensure the seal does not degrade prematurely.
  • UV Degradation – UV exposure can discolour and even crack some O-rings. Strive to get O-rings in black, which are more resistant to ultraviolet light.
  • Spiral Failure – An incompatible or incorrectly installed O-ring is bound to experience damage over time, especially in high-stress applications. In such cases, it’s ideal to invest in a harder O-ring.

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