The Importance of O-Rings in the Automotive Industry

September 2, 2022 – by Eastern Seals

An O-ring, or a toric joint, is a gasket with a circular-looped design and is used to seal two operating surfaces. For example, the valve stems in automobile engines use O-rings to keep oil from finding its way to the combustion chamber.

An O-ring helps create an air-tight lock between the valve guide and the valve stem. In the absence of this small and simple contraption, the oil could leak into the valve guide.

O-rings have revolutionised the automotive industry and are an important part of the sector. In this post, we look at some of the applications of O-rings in the automotive industry.

Importance of O-Rings in the Automotive Industry

O-rings are used to create a barrier to ensure a gas or liquid does not escape. The O-ring is typically placed into a groove for a secure placement before being compressed between the two surfaces. When the O-ring is squeezed, there’s no space for it to move, blocking the pathway of the gas/liquid you want to secure.

When the system experiences pressure, the O-ring gets squeezed against the groove’s opposite wall, ensuring an excellent seal no matter how high or low the pressure. O-rings are made of materials that are naturally springy and tend to return to their original shape.

When the pressure eases, the O-ring springs back to its original position, still maintaining a seal and ready for the next pressure cycle.

  • Braking Circuits – The braking system is one of the most important systems of an automobile. The fluid used inside a braking circuit is a glycol-based synthetic oil, which ensures consistent performance. It’s important to ensure the system stays efficient in all types of temperatures ranging from –40°C to 150°C. An O-ring is used here to ensure optimum performance no matter the temperature while handling pressure variations in the circuit. It must do all of this without modifying itself.
  • Lubricant Circuits – When it comes to lubricating transmission systems and engines, mineral oils with different levels of additives are typically used. The fluid’s temperature varies with usage. Again, O-rings must bear extreme temperatures and pressure levels. O-rings made of different materials such as FPM, NBR or ACM are used depending on the temperature the O-ring must endure.
  • Air-conditioning Systems – This is another important area in the automotive industry where O-rings play a crucial role. The gaseous fluids circulating inside an air conditioner undergo various states depending on the part of the circuit they are in and the temperature. O-rings play a crucial role in ensuring they remain in the designated area without flowing into areas the gases are not supposed to flow into.

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