Introducing Vulclast®: The Ultimate Solution for Sealing Applications

June 12, 2023 – by Eastern Seals

Are you tired of dealing with long lead times and compromising on product specifications for your sealing applications? Look no further! Eastern Seals is proud to introduce Vulclast®, our premium range of vulcanized scarf-jointed O-rings.

Vulclast® O-rings offer unmatched reliability and lasting seals for static sealing applications across a wide range of industries. Our innovative manufacturing process involves precise vulcanization, creating a strong bond between the O-ring ends. With meticulous engineering and inspection, we ensure a seamless joint with exceptional tensile strength, eliminating any weak areas that could result in leaks.

Here’s why Vulclast® stands out from the crowd:

✅ Lasting Seal: Our O-rings are manufactured using top-quality materials, guaranteeing accuracy and precision for a reliable and long-lasting seal.

✅ Low Tooling Cost: Say goodbye to extensive tooling expenses! Vulclast® O-rings can be produced to almost any size and specification without the need for costly tooling, keeping your production costs to a minimum.

✅ Rapid Manufacturing Time: Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world. Compared to traditional moulded O-rings, Vulclast® O-rings can be manufactured quickly, ensuring reduced lead times for both standard and custom sizes.

✅ Wide Range of Options: We understand the importance of versatility. That’s why Vulclast® O-rings can be crafted from a diverse range of materials and are available in sizes ranging from 1.78mm – 40mm section, giving you flexibility in choosing the perfect fit for your application.

Don’t miss out on the game-changing benefits of Vulclast® for your business! Connect with our sealant specialists today to learn more. Call 01670 840 529, email or visit our website now!

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