A Guide to Silicone O-Rings

December 2, 2023 – by Eastern Seals

Silicone O-Rings are a cornerstone in industries requiring high and low temperature resistance combined with flexibility. Their unique properties make them ideal for applications in aerospace, automotive, food service, and medical devices.

Exceptional Temperature Range: Silicone O-Rings stand out for their remarkable temperature range. They can withstand temperatures from -55°C to +200°C, making them suitable for both high-temperature applications and environments with extreme cold.

Excellent Flexibility and Resilience: One of the key advantages of silicone is its extraordinary flexibility and resilience. This quality ensures a reliable seal over a long period, even under fluctuating temperature conditions.

Biocompatibility and Food Grade Compliance: Silicone is non-toxic and can be formulated to be biocompatible, meeting FDA standards. This makes silicone O-Rings a preferred choice in the medical and food processing industries, where safety and hygiene are paramount.

Resistance to Environmental Factors: Silicone O-Rings offer excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, and general weather conditions, maintaining their integrity over time even in harsh outdoor environments.

Versatile Applications: Their inert nature makes silicone O-Rings suitable for static applications in a variety of industries. They are often used in household appliances, electronic devices, and life science applications.

Customization Options: Silicone O-Rings can be customized in terms of size, hardness, and colour. Specialized formulations can enhance specific properties, like electrical conductivity or flame retardancy.

Limitations: While silicone excels in temperature resistance and flexibility, it is not recommended for applications involving petroleum oils, hydrocarbon fuels, and most concentrated solvents due to its poor resistance to these chemicals.

In conclusion, silicone O-Rings are an essential component for applications requiring high-temperature stability, flexibility, and safety.

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