Automotive Battery Manufacturer Case Study

Many manufacturers face cost-reduction and efficiency challenges in their production operations. To survive in today’s highly competitive world, manufacturers need to find ways to reduce production time and costs, yet at the same time, improve operating performance and product quality.


A major manufacturer of high voltage automotive grade battery systems for Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles has been developing a new state of the art battery for two car manufacturing giants. The company delivers innovative solutions for smaller and lighter batteries, while maintaining the safety case.

There is limited space between the cells in the battery unit, therefore our customer was unable to utilise the typical O-ring and back-up ring scenario. There was also a need for automotive seals that can maintain long-term high performance under challenging conditions.


Battery performance is dictated by the materials chemistry and technology. The chemicals involved can cause swelling, deterioration and increased permeation through many elastomeric materials.

After reviewing the chemicals involved, Eastern Seals suggested using Viton® for the elastomer material.

Viton® is so effective against extremes of heat, chemicals, fuel mixtures and fuel additives, that it has become an essential element for meeting the stringent demands of the Automotive industry.

Typical property benefits of using Viton® include:
• Low permeability to fuel of any type
• Can withstand temperatures to 225°C, with intermittent exposure to 285°C
• Resists hydrocarbons and sour gasoline
• Solvent and acid-resistant
• Low compression set
• Excellent dynamic properties

After discussing the situation, and why O-rings would not be suitable, Eastern Seals suggested an alternative Viton® seal profile. This seal would help improve installation over a traditional O-ring / Back-up ring within the battery application.

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