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The right choice for Automotive seals

High engine temperatures, extended warranties and the drive to reduce emissions all demand high-quality rubber sealing products. With excellent resistance to high temperatures and tolerance of stressful conditions, rubber is the perfect material for sealing and protecting in the automotive environment. A wide variety of sealing solutions are used throughout today’s vehicles. These include O-Rings …

food processing seal materials

High-Performance Materials for Food Processing

The food industry includes a variety of applications with unique, challenging requirements. The diversity of products and the use of numerous flavours can have varying effects on sealing materials. Furthermore, equipment is increasingly operated at full capacity, which requires more frequent product changes and cleaning cycles. Elastomers used in process equipment, pumps, valves, pipe work, …

EPDM o-rings

What is EPDM / EP (Ethylene Propylene)?

Ethylene Propylene based elastomers offer excellent chemical and thermal resistance. EPDM is one of the most widely used synthetic rubbers. It can be used in industries ranging from automotive to HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). These materials can be compounded in a variety of ways for use in a wide range of demanding applications. …

Silicone O-Rings

Making the FDA Grade

FDA O-rings and seals for the Food and Dairy industries FDA O-rings and seals must consist exclusively of the ingredients listed in the FDA’s White List, located in the Code of Federal Regulations (title 21) section number 177.2600. Since the FDA has strict standards in place for materials that can come in contact with consumables, …

Viton FKM O-Rings

Viton / FKM vs Nitrile: Which material?

Fluorocarbon (Viton®/ FKM) vs Nitrile (NBR): Which material is right for your application? O-rings can be used in many applications as they are manufactured from a wide range of materials. O-rings are usually made from rubber, or more specifically, polymers / elastomers. These polymers are usually cured by vulcanisation which results in strong, durable and …

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