Here We Grow Again

Since starting trading in 2007 our customer base has continued to grow meaning a demand for more stock to be held. By the middle of 2010 it was clear that we needed extra warehouse space to accommodate both the increase in stock volumes and the increasing number of stock items.

As unit 2A had become available it was the obvious solution to our needs. So in May 2011 we took possession of this unit and began work to knock through the units to make one large warehouse. With this now complete we have 80% more space, growing from 10,000 Sq Ft to 18,000 Sq Ft. This will allow us to continue our growth and maintain our high customer service by locating stock in such a way that picking times are kept to a minimum.

This growth has also been excellent news for the local economy, as extra warehouse and administration personnel have been employed to deal with the increase in business volumes.