AED Seals (Anti-Explosive Decompression)

AED seals & RGD seals

AED seals and O-rings (Anti-Explosive Decompression) are typically used in high pressure applications encountered in the Oil and Gas industry.

Explosive Decompression (also known as Rapid Gas Decompression or RGD) is a failure mechanism of elastomer seals and O-rings which is caused by a rapid reduction in pressure of a gaseous media. Gas that has permeated into the elastomer seal expands violently when the pressure is released, which in turn rapidly causes fissuring and seal failure.

International standards for testing elastomers in explosive decompression conditions include the following:-

NORSOK M-710 Rev.2 Section 7.3 Annex B: “Qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and manufacturers – resistance to rapid gas decompression (RGD)”.
TOTAL General Specification GS PVV 142, Appendix 8 “Elastomer O-ring seals explosion decompression type testing procedure”.
NACE TM0297 “Effects of high temperature, high pressure carbon dioxide decompression on elastomeric materials”.
ISO 23936-2 “Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries: Non-metallic materials in contact with media related to oil and gas production – Part 2: Elastomers”.

Eastern Seals (UK) Ltd supply wide range of approved AED seals and AED O-rings. Our products have been qualified against the strict NORSOK M-710 rapid gas decompression (RGD) and the effects of sour gas (H2S) aging on polymer materials.

Eastern Seals provide a range of formulations within the HNBR, Viton B, Viton GLT and FFKM materials that have passed the strict NORSOK M-710 requirements. These compounds are listed in the table below.

Please contact us to find out more information on AED seals or to place your order. Download our NORSOK M-710 approved compounds information sheet:


Temp Range
V90 AED GLTViton 90 Anti-Explosive Decompression, GLT TypeBLACK-30°C to +250°C (Static)
-40°C to +220°C (Dynamic)
90NORSOK M-710 Approved
V90 AED Type BViton 90 Anti-Explosive Decompression, B TypeBLACK-30°C to +250°C (Static)
-15°C to +220°C (Dynamic)
90NORSOK M-710 Approved. Provides low and stable compression set at high temperature.
HNBR90 AEDHydrogenated Nitrile 90 Anti Explosive DecompressionBLACK-30°C to 150°C90NORSOK M-710 Approved
FFKM8717Perluoroelastomer 90 Anti-Explosive DecompressionBLACK-10°C to + 230°C continuous (260°C Peak)90NACE TM0187 Tested – Sour Fluid test
FFKM8732Perluoroelastomer 90 Anti-Explosive Decompression, Low TemperatureBLACK-45°C to + 250°C continuous90High chemical resistance and low temperature capability. Developed for the Oil & gas Industry. Explosive decompression resistant, tested to Norsok M-710.
HNBR90 AED LTHydrogenated Nitrile 90 Anti Explosive Decompression, Low TemperatureBLACK-55°C to 160°C90This peroxide cured compound has 19% ACN content, with carbon black reinforcement. It provides low temperature capability and rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistance. NACE TM0187 Tested – Sour Fluid test

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