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Eastern Seals supplies industries that cover many everyday and unique applications

We supply a wide range of sealing materials to meet the demands of the diverse range of markets within the industry sector.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sealing industry, Eastern Seals provide sealing solutions that last longer, require less maintenance and deliver the lowest cost of ownership. We also provide full traceability – a highly desirable factor for any critical application.



We provide the Agricultural industry with a wide range of sealing products that offer retaining, low friction running surfaces, alignment and protection. Products include; O-rings, Oil Seals, V-Rings, Hydraulic Seals, Mechanical seals and Retaining rings.


The automotive industry’s increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the increase in manufacturer warranty times and the rise in engine temperatures increases the materials property requirements for today’s fuel and engine oils. Eastern Seals supply specialist, high-performance automotive seals, O-rings and gaskets that meet the demands of oxygenate-rich gasolines, harsh engine oils and high engine temperatures. [Read more…]

Chemical Processing / Petrochemical

We supply a wide range of sealing materials to meet the demands of the Chemical Processing industry. When high specification materials are needed to withstand both harsh chemical environments and extreme high temperatures, Eastern Seals offers a variety of materials to suit each unique application. These include FKM, FFKM, FEP, HNBR, Viton GLT and Viton B. We also supply specialist sealing solutions such as Spring O-Rings™. These seals are specially developed for extreme operating conditions typically found in Cryogenic applications.

Construction / Engineering

The Construction and Engineering industries require products that can withstand extreme physical displacement. Eastern Seals provides resilient components that offer exceptional weather and abrasion resistance. From bonded seals, grease nipples, adhesives, back-up rings, and a large selection of 90 shore O-rings, used to withstand higher system pressure. Other products include; hydraulic seals, rubber gaskets and bespoke rubber mouldings.


We are a leading supplier of high-performance sealing products to the power generation industry market. Plants around the world benefit from our in-house Technical team’s expertise and leading customer support. We can pin-point the best sealing solution for each unique process. Key areas of supply include the wind energy market, providing consumable parts such as machined rubber seals, rubber o rings, foam rubber gaskets, rubber sheeting and rubber washers.

Food / Beverage / Dairy

Seals proposed for use by the food processing field are often required by law to be made of only the compound ingredients determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe for food contact. Eastern Seals supplies O-rings and seals that meet FDA requirements for food processing applications. Materials include Silicone FDA, Viton FDA, Nitrile FDA and EPDM FDA. These rubber polymers exhibit a natural resistance to bacteria build-up, a wide range of working temperatures, excellent resistance to chemical properties, flexibility and are odourless and tasteless.


Seal failure often means machine failure. Increased speeds and temperatures cause components to become more abrasive, which can affect sealing performance and service lifetime. Eastern Seals products can solve fluid sealing problems, reduce downtime, improve operator safety and help environmental efficiency. We can also supply high performance elastomers and many other materials on your behalf. Products include; Hydraulic Seals, Oil Seals, Bonded Seals, O-Rings and bespoke rubber mouldings.


We hold a long established range of seals to suit all types of pumps and compressors associated with the marine and shipping markets. Seal solutions include; Gland packings, Gaskets, O-rings and Rotary Shaft seals.

Mining and Exploration

Eastern Seals work with engineers in the Mining and Exploration sector to supply sealing products that meet the demanding requirements of hostile environments. Our range of specialist materials and sealing techniques improve seal service life, reduce plant downtime, and improve plant operating costs. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with a global presence, enable us to solve sealing problems for plant operators, equipment manufacturers and maintenance contractors around the world.

Oil and Gas / Green Energy

Our wide range of NORSOK approved materials are suitable for a variety of critical services and applications, enabling our customers to select the appropriate material compounds to suit their specific needs. Our products have been qualified against the strict NORSOK M-710 rapid gas decompression (RGD) and the effects of sour gas (H2S) aging on polymer materials. Eastern Seals provide a range of formulations within the HNBR, Viton B, Viton GLT and FFKM materials that have passed the NORSOK M-710 requirements.

Paper, Pulp & Board

We supply many fluid sealing products that meet the specific needs of the paper, pulp and board markets. Our sealing solutions have outstanding characteristics such as excellent resistance to highly abrasive media, hot and highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminating properties for fine paper production.

Pharmaceutical / Bio-processing

Eastern Seals supplies a wide range of sealing materials to satisfy Pharmaceutical and Bio-processing clients. These include materials that satisfy various international standards including FDA and USP Class VI for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We provide full traceability – a highly desirable factor for any critical application.

Semiconductor / Electronics

Our expertise in high performance elastomers enables us to offer Semiconductor customers an outstanding product portfolio. We supply a wide range of general and high performance o rings in any size and to every standard. These include fluoroelastomers (eg, DuPont™ Viton®), hydrogenated nitriles, compounds based on Aflas®, nitriles, ethylene propylene, silicones and fluorosilicones. We stock over 80,000 o rings in a range of materials that are available for immediate delivery.

Water Treatment and Waste

Our fluid sealing products offer superior reliability, low maintenance and long seal service life. We supply WRAS-approved seals for potable water applications. These products can significantly reduce stockholding requirements, as they have the abrasion and chemical resistance needed for wastewater processing and river intake duties. Sealing products include; Hydraulic Seals, Gaskets, O-Rings and Gland packings.

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