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retaining rings and circlips

Circlips / Retaining Rings.

Retaining rings are fasteners that hold components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing / bore when installed in a groove. Once installed, the exposed portion of the retaining ring acts as a shoulder which retains the specific component or assembly.

Circlips and retaining rings provide a compact and practical design and, unlike threaded alternatives, significantly reduce production costs. There are many types of retaining rings but Eastern Seals concentrate on the most popular circlips and e-clips.

E type Circlips are probably the most common radially fitted circlip gripping the groove of the component at 3 points. They have a great deal of flexibility. Once the groove is established to suit that of the circlip, the shaft has flexibility to several millimetres on larger sizes.

The standard material for most Circlips and retaining rings is carbon spring steel (CS). All Circlips made from this material are austempered so as to give optimum ductility at the high hardness values necessary for correct function. Other materials and finishes available.

Retaining rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We supply standard types of rings as well as self-locking, radial assembly, rings for compensation of axial play, snap-rings and support washers / shims.

As well as standard items, we also offer our customer’s competitive pricing on items manufactured to their individual requirements. We look forward to receiving any enquiry you may have and will endeavor to offer you an excellent service in your source for retaining rings.

The DIN 1460 range offers all the characteristics of a standard DIN 471 Circlip but with a thicker material offers a far greater shock force resistance than a standard Circlip.

We also offer on a request a stainless steel version of this product as well as a DIN 1360 range, which is the internal version of the above. Available in carbon and stainless steel.

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