O-rings for Model Engineering

March 17, 2016 – by Eastern Seals

O-rings for Model Engineering.

Arnold Throp first described the use and fitting of O-rings in the Model Engineers on 1st September 1964. O-rings have now become universally used amongst model engineers for the sealing of pistons, piston rod glands, water gauges, pumps and clacks. They can also be used for static face sealing. O-rings can be supplied in different elastomers to withstand all the temperatures encountered in small locomotives fitted with super-heaters, including those fitted with the radiant type.

O-rings are ideal for model engineering applications, as depending on the elastomer type, they can offer great resistance to petroleum derivatives such as oils and other lubricants. O-rings can provide a perfect seal in valve housings, pistons and in the piston and valve rod glands.

Another big advantage of employing O-rings is that the engine’s power train will not experience any of the normal metal to metal wear typically seen in ring-less situations, due to the fact that only the O-ring’s surface is contacting metal. Eventually, they will need to be replaced with new set of O-rings if a loss or power is experienced, or a leak is detected.

Compared to the traditional model engineering method for achieving a leak proof seal, O- rings are not only much more convenient to use, but they prevent the abrasive metal to metal contact so no wear occurs.

Eastern Seals offer a wide range of sizes available in Viton, Silicone or Nitrile, for use as piston rings, joint seals, gauge glass seals, etc. To find out more on our Viton compounds, Silicone compounds, or Nitrile Compounds, visit our Materials section, or contact us to discuss your specific application.

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