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March 24, 2016 – by Eastern Seals

It’s that time again. Diane Reach, our MD, has another eight day trip to China planned for mid-April. Dave White, our Quality Consultant, will be travelling out with Diane this time. It’s not gonna be all about eating amazing street food, frequenting Karaoke bars and doing sunrise Tai Chi with the locals though. Diane and Dave will be donning their best business clobber and attending meetings with some of our biggest overseas suppliers. It’s going to involve a lot of travelling to different regions and commuting around the bustling streets of China’s manufacturing districts. A far cry from the sprawling, green, fields of Northumberland!

These trips are important to us here at Eastern Seals as we feel it’s crucial to meet face-to-face with our suppliers, not only to build on our already robust trading connections but also to monitor progress in the field. Though Diane says she doesn’t enjoy all the travelling, she is looking forward to strengthening our present business relationships and, hopefully, forging some new ones.

The visit plans to be a very interesting trip, with several factory visits lined up. In order to assess the manufacturer’s laboratory equipment, manufacturing processes and quality systems, we will also carry out selective on-site audits. Now for some corporate bumf….

Eastern Seals supply many industries across the globe, including instrumentation, medical, power, military and chemical. Our expanding UK facility and long standing partnerships with companies in China, allows us to offer competitive prices and high quality products to all customers.

Being the world’s largest rubber consumer, China has a prodigious influence on the global rubber industry. We are constantly working closely with manufacturers in order to guarantee that we can continue to supply the best quality products and at the right price.

We hope Diane and Dave have a fruitful trip and that the outcomes will enrich our connections abroad and enable us to continue our reputation as one of the biggest and most competitive sealing providers in the UK.

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