The Importance of O-Rings in the Chemical Processing Industry

September 28, 2022 – by Eastern Seals

The chemical processing industry needs superior quality sealing materials that can stand their own against harsh chemicals. Chemical processing units cover a diverse range of businesses including pharmaceutical, petrochemical and medical, all of which demand rigorous chemical sealing performance, enhanced lifespan and reliability.

Chemical processing o-rings play a valuable role in the chemical processing industry. They offer the highest level of chemical and thermal resistance, making them the ideal choice for an array of chemical sealing applications. To understand the importance of o-rings, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits that o-rings offer in the chemical processing industry.

O-Rings Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Chemical processing, medical and pharmaceutical applications involve low temperature conditions. They experience circumstances where it’s extremely difficult to achieve efficient gas or liquid sealing.

Chemical processing o-rings offer low-temperature resistance without losing their shape, flexibility and mechanical properties. Chemical processing o-rings can withstand extreme temperatures as low as –250°C, which is a considerable advantage for the chemical processing industry.

At the same time, chemical processing o-rings can resist degradation that typically occurs with constant exposure to extreme temperatures. Due to this, O-rings can remain robust in long-term applications.

O-Rings Offer Superior Chemical Resistance

In the chemical processing industry, o-rings often seal against harsh chemicals, which can eventually wear down most rubber materials. Chemical processing o-rings boast excellent resistance to chemicals.

This means that chemical processing o-rings remain durable even in crucial sealing environments. O-rings can protect against an array of chemicals including carbon dioxide, oxygen, acids, oils and silicone fluids.

O-Rings Remain Strong Even Under Pressure

Chemical processing o-rings are resistant to compression, even at extreme temperatures. This means that o-rings can perform under pressure, which is extremely important in chemical processes.

No matter the environment, when it comes to chemical applications, o-rings offer superlative sealing abilities even under critical situations while avoiding failure.

As chemical processing o-rings retain their mechanical properties under pressure, they are regarded as a trusted sealing material that does not fail in critical applications.

Quality O-Rings for the Chemical Processing Industry

Eastern Seals offer a range of chemical processing o-rings that meet the requirements of a range of applications. Our chemical processing o-rings are available in a range of materials including FKM LT, Nitrile LT, Viton® GLT, Silicone LT and HNBR LT.

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