The Importance of O-Rings in the Aerospace & Aeronautics Industry

October 26, 2022 – by Eastern Seals

O-rings offer hassle-free sealing solutions for numerous products. They are used to seal out environmental contaminants, retain essential fluids and keep surfaces separate for friction mitigation among various other applications.

However, O-rings designed for the aerospace and aeronautics industry have to handle unexpected levels of performance and material complexity.

An average commercial jetliner makes use of thousands of O-rings and each piece must stand its own against different environmental conditions like low and high pressure, extreme temperature changes, aggressive fluids and lubricants, industrial performance requirements as well as demanding installation procedures.

In short, O-rings are critical to the aerospace and aeronautics industry.

O-rings offer tight sealing in extreme low temperatures

In the aerospace and aeronautics industry, mechanical reliability is everything. Whether an aircraft is on the ground or flying at 25,000 feet, aerospace engineers require seals that can withstand extreme temperatures and stress coming their way.

The importance of O-rings became undeniably clear on January 28, 1986, when it was revealed that a failed O-ring was responsible for the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Excessively low temperatures affected the flexibility of the O-ring seal. When the temperature of an O-ring is lower than its glass transition temperature (Tg), it tends to lose elasticity and, as a result, becomes brittle.

The rubber and O-ring industry have made dramatic changes after that to design and manufacture O-rings that can sustain excessively low temperatures without losing elasticity.

O-rings can handle temperatures ranging from 65°F to 400°F, making them an integral part of the aerospace industry.

O-rings meet the high standards of quality required by the aerospace industry

Sealing solutions meant for the aerospace industry must meet strict regulations including Aerospace Material Specification (AMS).

AMS O-rings adhere to the strict standards and regulations set by the aerospace and aeronautics industry.

We supply aerospace O-rings and more

Eastern Seals offers O-rings for a wide range of applications in the aerospace and aeronautics industry including fuel systems, braking and landing gear systems, hydraulic systems and gas engine turbines.

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